Product care

Bobbie Visser bags are made of high-quality leather. Please keep in mind leather is a natural product. Small imperfections, like scars, scratches and grains, are part of the product and may arise over time. The bags are all handmade and so/therefore each leather bag is a unique product. 

How to take care of a Bobbie Visser bag:

1. Incase the bag gets wet, wipe it gently with a clean, dry, soft cloth. It is important to give it some time to dry naturally. Don’t expose it to sunlight or dry it in front of the heating.

2. The bag doesn’t like to being left in (sun)light or extreme heat. (Sun)light, extreme heat and liquids may change colors and surfaces/structures over time.

3. If it is a light colored, white or a soft leather bag, please avoid dark colored surfaces.

4. It is best to store the bag in it’s dust bag if you don’t use it for a while.

If you follow these simple rules, you will keep the bag happy and healthy!

It’s advised to use a protect(ant) spray before using your bag for the first time. There are waterproof protecting sprays available for different types of leather. Always first try out on a small bottom part of the bag to see how the spray affects the leather.


If a bag needs to be repaired, please first sent us a mail with further information. After this the bah can be sent to the following address:

Studio Bobbie Visser (by appointment only)
Heemraadssingel 341
3023 BJ Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Make sure you put your contact details in the package and pack the bag very careful so nothing gets lost or damage in the mail. Repair work will be done for the minimum costs depending on the type of damage. If the damage is due to a productional error, the repair work is free of charge.

Please mention your name, telephone number, email address and post address. Repairs will take 2 to 4 weeks.